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    Brawl Bar

    Unleash your inner hero! Drink, hurl hilarious insults, start epic brawls.

    Sometimes, even heroes have bad days. In Brawl Bar, you’re not saving the world or rescuing the princess – you’re just a weary hero blowing off steam in your local tavern after a day of unfortunate mix-ups (princess, dragon, long story).

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    Krusty Karrot : A Numbers Adventure

    Join ‘Krusty Karrot – A Numbers Adventure’ and dive into an otherworldly puzzle experience. Stranded on an alien planet, lead a bunny astronaut through over 100 levels of innovative number puzzles. Master strategic chain reactions, explore stunning landscapes, and solve the mystery to save your team. It’s not just a game—it’s a numbers-driven quest through the stars!

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    Motamo (French Game)


    Improve your spelling and enrich your vocabulary by discovering new words and their meanings!

    Be careful, the abuse of MOTAMO is strongly recommended when you are confined!