Hello everyone,
It’s been 6 months since we released the alpha version of ATRIUM.
We worked harder, faster and better to make it perfect. The time has come to share it to the world.
ATRIUM is our last game, it’s a builder placement where you need to create the biggest empire.
ATRIUM Screenshot 4
ATRIUM Screenshot 4
Here is the synopsis :
In the year 476, the invasion of Rome by the Germanic tribes is inevitable.
The Western Roman Empire is in decline. The Patricians fled, and for a brief moment, silence reigns in the ATRIUM. This room where they use to gather and feast was specially designed to play a strategy game. A game inspired by the construction of Theodosian walls featuring cities similar to later European castles. it’s at this moment before the sac of Rome and in this symbolic place that the period of the Middle Ages begins.

The purpose of the game is to control the biggest empire. You will need to build castles and establish trade routes or steal other players hard work. This builder placement game allows you to evolve your builders. Choose your strategy using the 8 different builder classes, to make a powerful army or train mages and win with cunning.
Multiplayer up to 4 players on the same computer.

ATRIUM Screenshot 5
ATRIUM Screenshot 5
It’s accessible on our Itch page for 19.99$ :
Free for our enchanters and alchimists at
Tell us if you like it with a comment, a tweet or a mail. You can also come to our discord to talk with us about it.
All our link are on :

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