Attack du chateau : Alpha launch

Attack du chateau is now in early access.

Attack du chateau is a boardgame videogame where you have to create the biggest empire. You will need to own roads and castles without forgetting to attack other players.

For this alpha you will have the possibilities to play against players (up to 4) or against AI.

The sound and music will be add later.

It’s accessible on our Itch page for 19.99$ :
And free for our enchanters and alchimists at

Tell us if you like it with a comment, a tweet or a mail. You can also come to our discord to talk with us about it.

Attack du chateau
Attack du chateau
Khan VS Kahn Logo

[MAJ] Khan VS Kahn – Version 1.1

That’s it, version 1.1 of Khan VS Kahn has arrived. So what’s up ?

  • We have added a more complete help on the game. It is now possible to better understand buildings and ways to win.
  • The building destruction bug has been fixed
  • It is possible to return to the main menu from the game
  • An indicator shows the difficulty of the AI ​​to better make its choice

You can go test the game for free on our page: Our Games

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Black Potion is alive

Hey good evening everyone,

We are pleased to announce version 2 of the Black Potion website.

More sober and more “user friendly”, the site will allow to play our games directly online. And to get started we decided to add 5 of our games:

Khan VS Kahn Logo


So go to the page Our Games to test all that.

Here, I hope that this new version of the site will please you.