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ATRIUM Simple Meeple
ATRIUM Pilgrim Meeple
ATRIUM Mage Meeple
ATRIUM King Meeple
ATRIUM Hero Meeple
ATRIUM Berserker
ATRIUM Hero Meeple level 2
ATRIUM Hero Meeple level 3
ATRIUM Hero Meeple level 4
ATRIUM Big Meeple
ATRIUM Mega Meeple


The purpose of the game is to control the biggest empire. You will need to build castles and establish trade routes or steal other players hard work. This builder placement game allows you to evolve your builders. Choose your strategy using the 8 different builder classes, to make a powerful army or train mages and win with cunning. Multiplayer up to 4 players on the same computer.
  • Playable Up to 4 Players.
  • Play against 3 strong AI
  • Evolve your meeples with 6 differents classes
  • Take control of roads and castles
  • Attack your ennemies territories
  • Customize entirely your game

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