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[MAJ] Khan VS Kahn – Version 1.1

That’s it, version 1.1 of Khan VS Kahn has arrived. So what’s up ?

  • We have added a more complete help on the game. It is now possible to better understand buildings and ways to win.
  • The building destruction bug has been fixed
  • It is possible to return to the main menu from the game
  • An indicator shows the difficulty of the AI ​​to better make its choice

You can go test the game for free on our page: Our Games

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Black Potion is alive

Hey good evening everyone,

We are pleased to announce version 2 of the Black Potion website.

More sober and more “user friendly”, the site will allow to play our games directly online. And to get started we decided to add 5 of our games:

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So go to the page Our Games to test all that.

Here, I hope that this new version of the site will please you.